In a VM I change the checkbox in "Use the following DNS server addresses"

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Hii!! So, in a VM of Azure, in the "Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties" I change the checkbox of "Use the following DNS server addresses" TO "Obtain DNS server address automatically" and then I screwed up!!

Now I can't get access to my PRTG!! but I have internet, Someone knows how can I get the things just like before? I belive that in the:

"Use the following DNS server addresses" had four zeros ("") but I can't remember. If try that? Thanks! And, please, help me!! It's urgent.

PS: Do I need to check the option "validate settings upon exit"??

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It seems that you require using custom DNS servers. After having changed that setting, you moved to Azure-provided name resolution. However, DNS settings in an Azure VM should not be configured from within the OS, but rather at a Azure VNet or Azure NIC level. You should always leave the default operating system DNS settings as is. Read this document carefully: