How to get ADO feature progress as a custom field that can be shared with Aha?

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I want to be able to share the progress completion of our Product Backlog Items from ADO into AHA.

AHA has the ability to map fields and sync content between AHA and ADO features. AHA has a feature Progress complete % bar that we manually update, however, I believe there should be a way to get this data from ADO to automatically update Aha with the progress of the ADO feature based on PBI completion (based on effort)

I'm able to see the progress of a feature in ADO based on the effort by using the rollup columns as outlined in this help article:

But I need to find a way to get this information into a shareable field that can be mapped to Aha. Any ideas?


Field mapping in Aha:

Capture 4 new.png


Progress view in ADO



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@Dani_N, have you made any progress with this?   I have the same issue that I am trying to resolve.