how do I transfer ownership of a VM to another account

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I want to transfer some VM's from one azure account to another, the documentation is not clear on how to do it or if its even possible.

I have to transfer the VM's  form one company account to another company account hopefuly without interrupting the services they are enabling for long,  like has ownership of the VM and I want to give it to so that the billing, administration and everything related is transfered to company2.

please help

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Do you want to give admin access only for that VM or for the entire subscription ?

No, I only want to transfer ownership of the VM, so that the company that is giving me the VM wont have access anymore, and I get all permisions to use it configure it etc.

Unless I am missunderstanding the way subscriptions work, if they can transfer the subscription to my company account, including the VM's I need, and they keep their account with whatever other subscriptions they have; then I guess the subscription transer could work.

@Holdingdigital n I was trying to find similar information, does this article satisfy your needs?