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Hi All,


Currently have a few VM's in Azure, but have problems that disk performance seems lot slower then how they should perform. We have an open support ticket with Microsoft, but after 10 days we havn't really heard anything back from the Azure support team :(


As an example we started this a VM on Azure as VM size A2v2. At start the VM had 3x200 GB standard Managed disks that where striped to boost performance. We saw performance of maximum 30 MB/sec. when doing copy between the E: and C: drive on this VM and when trying to copy between Azure VM's by Network.


To try something we upgraded the VM to sizen Ds3v3 and we have changed the Data disk (E: drive) to an 600 GB Premium disk. This VM is only used as a file and printer server with printer and file shares so nothing big. All file shares is on the Premium disk (E: drive). Antivirus product F-secure is installed but we have deactivated.  Still after these changes that should make performance much better we still only sees 30 MB/sec. as maximum disk transfers?


We tried we the PerfInsights support Tool from Microsoft and it confirm a maximum of around 30 MB/sec. and only 4-5 MB/sec. on the system disk drive C: ?.


Can anyone help me trying to find the problem or what to do? (we fell all our Azure VM's i slow on disk!)

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Can you follow this doc it mentioned in detail what are the limitations and specs


Premium Disk



Standard Storage