DevOps and Jira Cloud integration plugins?

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Hi Everyone,


Just wondering if anyone has any experience with using plugins to allow integration between Azure DevOps and Jira Cloud?


We are looking for a hybrid solution whereby we are Jira Cloud as a Service Desk. And if a Service Desk ticket becomes a project ticket, a project ticket is created within DevOps under the relevant project, and our PM and Devs will work on the project ticket within DevOps, and the business will use the stakeholder license in Devops to comment, attach screenshots etc.


We have tried the plugin from the Jira app marketplace, however, it not work well for the above scenario.


Thanks for any ideas.



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Hello @Sean_Cheng ,


The only integration I worked with are these ones:

 From work item/ticket related automation, I would go for Power Automate tool in office 365, it lets you easily automate many workflows inside same tools or between tools. many operations are supported. Example: 



Unai :)


Hi @Sean_Cheng 


This is Tayo from Exalate


Have you considered using exalate for this integration. It's a superb 3rd party plugin that allows this type of sync. See




Thanks Tayo!
Hi Sean
If you are still looking for the tool mentioned in your post, please take a minute to read about TFS4JIRA -

If you wish we can schedule a DEMO or SUPPORT call where I can show you the application and we can collaborate on your scenario.

Best regards
Damian Kilkowski

Integration Jira Cloud and ADO can also be done with Exalate, it is a decentralized integration solution, where you can granuarly decide which data will be send over, and trust me on this, it will make your integration life, way smoother :)

It has full groovy scripting capability, you can syncronize any fields.