Create Work Items without Sprint/Iteration

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Hi everyone,


I have just started using DevOps and have what I am sure is an incredibly basic question but it's confusing me. 


I want to create a bunch of backlog items that we will develop at whatever point from now into the future. How (if at all) can I create these without it automatically assigning them in to an iteration / sprint (in this case the first sprint as I am setting up for a new project).


When I've used Jira, I could create items such as user stories, bugs, tasks etc, in my Product Backlog and they would just sit there in my own priority order (which often changes), until I schedule them in to the next sprint during sprint planning. I may create 5, 10 or 200, but they'll just sit ready for me to do something with them. Nothing gets automatically assigned which is how I want it (for it not to do anything). Currently in DevOps, they appear to automatically get assigned to the next sprint.


I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. If anyone can point out my blind spot, that would be great!


Thanks in advance.

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@jasonnotts there is a configuration in Project Settings --> Team Configuration --> Itertions
I'm coming fomr Jira, it's a little bit confusing for me too....

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