Changing the Outcome and Reporting Options - Test Plan Manager

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Hello Everyone, 

When running Test Plans within the Test Plan Manager of Azure DevOps the default options are:

  • Pass Test
  • Fail Test
  • Block Test
  • Not Applicable

Is there a way to adjust or add to this list of default options?

Looking in:
Organizational Settings>Processes>(Select Process)>Work Items Types 
I can find the Test Cases as a Work Item Type, but the only adjustment appears to be the Work Item State. I cannot find the Test Case Outcomes. 

Similarly, is it possible to change how the Summary Reporting for Test Plans are calculated/tracked? Or to default to a set filter for the end users that access the Summary Report? If we cannot create a new Test Case Outcome then we would like to remove the Outcome of "Not Applicable" from the calculations provided by the Test Plan Progress Report. 

Bottom line, we do not want the "Not Applicable" to influence the % Passed Number.

I know that the Outcome in the status report can be filtered to remove these items, however, that filtration needs to be done per user, meaning users are getting the wrong impression when first opening the Status Report.

Thank you. 

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