Build SSIS - Dynamic "Project Path" for many SSIS Solutions

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Hello - I am setting up dev-ops for an environment that has 150+ SSIS solutions. The "Build SSIS" task inside a pipeline requires the Project Path (the SSIS solution name) to be specified. We will have a dev and prod environment (pipeline for each) so this means there would be 300 individual build pipelines! Which would be unmanageable and take forever to set up. 


I have a workaround where as part of the pull request to merge a feature branch into master, the developer has to pass the SSIS solution name to the commit comment, and my YAML pipeline can parse that to the pipeline parameter, so it knows which SSIS solution to build. It should work but it's ugly. Am I the only one who has come across this issue? is there a more elegant solution? 

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