Backup completed with warnings/internal error

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We've been trying to use the Recovery Services vault service with the Azure backup client. Sadly this hasn't been a great success. We do have it working, but it randomly fails with one of two errors. The first:


Backup completed with warnings

Microsoft Azure Backup encountered an internal error.
Wait for a few minutes and then try the operation again. If the issue persists, please contact Microsoft support.


Once this error occurs, the secondary error is then (I paraphrase) "Azure Backup failed to start because a backup is already in progress" or similar.


This requires the relevant service to be restarted.


This error occurs in the identical fashion on two separate servers.


This wasn't an issue before the previous support problem we had with it, which involved upgrading the Azure client to the latest version (a few weeks ago), so it may be a bug in that version and the answer may involve a rollback.


However the error is vague. Basically, the software just seems to crash randomly. I'm not sure how to gain more information that might help to diagnose this or how to resolve it. Can anyone advise? Most grateful, thanks.





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