Azure paired region isn't showing up in azure cli

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I'm trying to use this command to see my regions and how they are paired, however it's not really showing that much compared to what's on the Azure site, Azure cross-region replication | Microsoft Learn. Why is that?

az account list-locations --query "[?contains(displayName,'Sweden')].{displayName:
displayName, Location:metadata.physicalLocation,}"

"Location": "Gävle",
"PairedRegion": null,
"displayName": "Sweden Central"
"Location": null,
"PairedRegion": null,
"displayName": "Sweden"



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there some restrictions for some paired regions:
(*) Certain regions are access restricted to support specific customer scenarios, such as in-country/region disaster recovery. These regions are available only upon request by creating a new support request.

@tommykneetz  thanks for the reply. But this doesn’t explain why I don’t see the information in cli but I do on