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We have an hybrid Office 365 environment and we use Azure AD connect to sync our on-premises AD users, groups and computers to Azure AD.


I would like to setup hybrid Azure AD join and start using conditional access policies. Looking at the setup guide from Microsoft, I would like to use Azure AD connect wizard for that, we are running the latest version and was wondering if I should be aware of any consequences once I enable it?


Once enabled, are devices joining automatically?


Also, for now all our workstations and laptops are Workplace joined (this is done usually when we configure Office 365 software), I am wondering if that will not create any conflict. When I look at Azure AD devices, I can see different Join type on devices most of them are "Azure AD registered"and a couple of them are "Hybrid Azure AD joined" but we never ran the wizard...


How do I move computers from registered to joined?

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here is a really good article who describes the differences.
In your case, I think your devices are managed by InTune or there are Work or School Accounts defined on each device (Azure AD registered) and the other one are synced by Azure AD connect.

To setup Azure AD Hybrid join, there are some steps needed. Here is a step by step article.