Azure durable function that run once each day

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i want to create an azure durable function which run once a day, now using visual studio 2022 , i create a new azure function of type durable function orchestration using .net 8.0 isolated, as follow:-



, and i got this default code:-



using Microsoft.Azure.Functions.Worker;
using Microsoft.Azure.Functions.Worker.Http;
using Microsoft.DurableTask;
using Microsoft.DurableTask.Client;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging;

namespace FunctionApp1
public static class Function1
public static async Task<List<string>> RunOrchestrator(
[OrchestrationTrigger] TaskOrchestrationContext context)
ILogger logger = context.CreateReplaySafeLogger(nameof(Function1));
logger.LogInformation("Saying hello.");
var outputs = new List<string>();

// Replace name and input with values relevant for your Durable Functions Activity
outputs.Add(await context.CallActivityAsync<string>(nameof(SayHello), "Tokyo"));
outputs.Add(await context.CallActivityAsync<string>(nameof(SayHello), "Seattle"));
outputs.Add(await context.CallActivityAsync<string>(nameof(SayHello), "London"));

// returns ["Hello Tokyo!", "Hello Seattle!", "Hello London!"]
return outputs;

public static string SayHello([ActivityTrigger] string name, FunctionContext executionContext)
ILogger logger = executionContext.GetLogger("SayHello");
logger.LogInformation("Saying hello to {name}.", name);
return $"Hello {name}!";

public static async Task<HttpResponseData> HttpStart(
[HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Anonymous, "get", "post")] HttpRequestData req,
[DurableClient] DurableTaskClient client,
FunctionContext executionContext)
ILogger logger = executionContext.GetLogger("Function1_HttpStart");

// Function input comes from the request content.
string instanceId = await client.ScheduleNewOrchestrationInstanceAsync(

logger.LogInformation("Started orchestration with ID = '{instanceId}'.", instanceId);

// Returns an HTTP 202 response with an instance management payload.
// See
return client.CreateCheckStatusResponse(req, instanceId);



my question is how i can configure the durable function to run on schedule bases and not on http request?


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