Azure DevOps Scrum board Dependency Tracker not showing dependent work items

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Hello Folks,

I need some help on my Azure DevOps Scrum board Dependency Tracker please, I have basically 2 boards for different projects (under same subscription). My project 1 uses agile based process board (single team/backlog configured) however Project 2 (two team/backlog configured) is scrum based board. I am facing an issue with dependency tracker with my scrum board (project 2).

Problem is on this scrum board, my dependency tracker is  not showing any existing dependent (predecessors & successors) work items in the view. However if I create a new dependency with new work items within the dependency tracker view itself then it shows all newly created dependent work items but not any existing dependent work items.

Even creating a new dependency from an existing work items or selecting any existing dependent (predecessors & successors) work items in dependency tracker page doesn’t help and do not show the existing linked interdependent work items.

Please note all my filters and Area view is correctly selected. Worth mentioning my other agile based board for project 1 perfectly works fine for the above scenarios and correctly shows all new & existing dependent work items. Please advise what could be the issue here. Thanks for your help and responses in advance on this.  

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@vikramprataps if you're using Scrum process, you have configure the dependency tracker to align with the workitems type





"Product Backlog Item",  




Refer to this article:



From the Dependency Tracker, you can choose different views and filters, and drill down to obtain specific details. These views and options are described in the following sections: