Azure Backup on Windows 10 Fails

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I have a Windows 10 PC that I use to run a small business. I setup my Azure account, blob storage, etc, and wanted to make sure my PC was being backed up every night. I installed the Azure Backup client on my PC and got it linked to my Azure account just fine. I can perform backups by clicking the "Backup Now" link, but my scheduled backups never kick off. There are no errors indicated. I've seen this posted a lot when I did a Google search, but never saw a fix. I'm hoping the Azure community can help me out.


For this post, I set a daily backup for 9am and waited for it to kick off (which it didn't). I've attached screenshots of what my system shows.


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I am sorry I don't remember the details but I had the same issue on my Windows 10 machine at home. If I remember correctly it had to do with task scheduler not the backup agent. The backup agent creates a job in task scheduler. I think it was either a permissions issue or there was something about allowing task scheduler to wake up the computer to run the job. 


Maybe you would see the error in the task scheduler event log.



Thank you. That indeed was the issue. I created the backup using the Azure Backup application. Apparently, when it made the task, it didn't put a userID/password associated with it, so it just didn't run. I manually put my UserID and password into the job and it kicked off on the next run.