AWS or Azure or GCP?

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Hi All,


I am new to the cloud and have started preparing for Azure Fundamentals certification to begin my Azure cloud journey.


I am looking for some clarification on the queries I have with regard to Cloud learning. Please share your thoughts.


I chose Azure and not AWS for three main reasons:


1) 90% of Fortune 500 companies run on Azure
2) Suit of products from Microsoft that are being widely used by organizations across the world. So, there would be more demand for IT professionals with Azure knowledge
3) AWS market is too crowded. Too many people with 7x certifications and competition is fierce (per my observation)


To be honest, I have zero knowledge about the features that AWS brings to the table. Neither Azure nor GCP. But, I preferred Azure for the aforementioned reasons.


Lately, I saw this post on Twitter where Andrew mentions the advantages for the beginners in choosing AWS in his replies.


Would be really helpful if you can provide your insights on the below:


1) Being a Linux user, will I have any difficulty in gaining Azure knowledge
2) I understand that Azure provides Azure CLI (bash shell). Despite that, is it required for me to gain knowledge on power shell?
3) How easy for Azure professions to switch to AWS or GCP?


Also, as market share of Google Cloud platform showing considerable growth with time, and as there is not much expertise available, can oneself make more valuable by preparing for GCP certifications?


The new president of Google cloud, Thomas Kurian in one of his interviews was talking about the efforts being made to get major accounts to GCP and how AI, ML can be used in their advantage to deliver effective solutions. So, keeping that in mind, should I switch to GCP?


Thanks and Regards


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Hi @AkshayHB-79 


Linux won't be a barrier for you to learn Azure - we have great tools and support for Linux, and many of these Microsoft use ourselves to build some of the platform itself. Most examples give CLI and Powershell sample code. 


Powershell isn't required - there are many ways to get things done through the Azure CLI, APIs, through the Azure portal. BUT... PowerShell is a quite remarkable tool to have in your kitbag, I would highly recommend picking up some familiarity with PowerShell.


Switching clouds... there are many fundamentals, theories, patterns and practices etc, of cloud computing that are true across all cloud environments. There are differences - particularly as you get into the platform-as-a-service offerings, security and compliance approaches... and of course pricing and licensing differences. 


As for AWS and GCP... let's just say that I think it is great to have strong competition to keep the whole industry innovating... but you've made a great choice by starting with Azure :smile:!