Windows Virtual Desktop server - licensing mode not configured?



I've recently deployed Windows Server 2019 RD Session Host for Windows Virtual Desktop. At start it said the licensing mode for the server is not configured and its entering grace period (120 days left). I thought at first it's a transient issue, but the pop-up with counter still persists - 108 days left. Is this something I can fix?


Thank you!

Alex Pawlak 

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@Aleksander Pawlak: When deploying Windows Server you still require to stand-up a license server. You will find pointers for configuring a license server here:

@Eva Seydl Is this something that was prioritized away from WVD at a late stage? - It seems utterly silly to deploy separate highly available RDS license servers when the message all along has been that I only need to worry about my session hosts. (Most of the other plumbing style RDS roles seem to be included in WVD)

@Eva Seydl Thank you for clarification. I think it needs to be explicitely stated somewhere in the doc, as neither docs say to deploy licensing yourself, nor does the DSC extension. Maybe if DSC installed licensing server role and left it unconfigured, it might be a bit better. 

@Aleksander Pawlak for client operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 10 multi-session you can use Windows Per User licensing, e.g. Windows E3 Per User or higher. No RDS license server is required. 


For Windows Server, it's the same as on-premises, you will need a RDS license server before the grace period expires. 

Thank you - that wasn't clear for me from docs that License server needs to be configured seperately (I think docs mostly focus on Desktop deployment though, which is a bit different). It took me few minutes to set up one, so I'm finished now :) You might want to monitor existing WinSrv Deployments and see for license check though, I hope I'm not the only one :)