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Hello, Everyone. We are currently using AVD (full desktop) with the FSLogix profile. However, we have come across one particular Windows application that runs only on a single desktop per user session and cannot support multiple sessions on AVD. meaning that users need to switch between their local computer and AVD in order to work on it.

we want to keep full desktop scenario, is there is any services or way we can host the application for all users in AVD environment 

the app name is planswift and the vendor dont supports on AVD environment 




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How about Remote APP?

That also not working, as this is only supporting one login per machine
What is the problem you're trying to solve? Is the issue that you need a single desktop for each user, which is expensive? If so, I believe you can create a policy that will start up the machine only when the user attempts to connect to the desktop, and when he closes it, you will shut down the machine or something similar. Does this direction make sense?

Thanks, @Yuval_K, for the response.


We have 30+ users who are using the application and in future, it will increase to 75+ so deploying individual desktops will also cost more,  even if we restrict them in day hours 


You can have pooled machines, not personal, and have in parallel only the number of active users



Hi, I'm working on an interface for PlanSwift to allow multiple user access the same project at the same time, is this your case scenario? 

I'm not familiar with this AVD environment, however it might be helpful for you to know that planswift has a setting to allow multiple instances of program to run at the same time, go to settings and set the number of instances you need. I hope this solves your issue, it will be great if you let me know.

@ArturoMariscal, are you talking about the (in picture)  instances below? It looks like we cannot increase more than 5 here.




Thanks, but we dont want to route that solution for now.