"Please wait" message when logging back into disconnected sessions

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I'm having issues with an AVD implementation where users are intermittently unable to log back into their disconnected sessions. They are presented with the "Please wait" message with a blue background, and it never reconnects. The only fix is to manually log the session off in the AVD console. We are using FSLogix for profiles on premium azure storage. The hosts are size Standard D8s v5 (8 vcpus, 32 GiB memory), are running Windows 10 and were built using the Windows 10 Enterprise version 22H2 - x64 Gen 2 and have the last agent installed. The host pool consists of 4 VMs and currently only 15 users are logging in, so usage is quite low (2 or 3 users per VM). Windows Defender is used for AV and Azure AD Domain Services for authentication. I've scoured the event logs, and nothing stands out. We're about to scale this up so want to figure out a resolution soon in case the problem start happening more frequently.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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@Pete VanOlinda I have this same issue on a lot of our AVDs. 

At first, we believed it was caused by Trellix FireEye, but with it removed and still occurring, we are not sure. 

Happens with Remote Apps or Desktop within the AVD, but yes always on a disconnected session trying to re-connect. Any chance you are using DUO for 2fa on the AVD?