PowerPoint as RemoteApp moves independently when opening files

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Hello all,
I have a very strange behavior, maybe someone can recreate this once if it occurs with you.
We work in our AVD environment only with the RemoteApp and not with the desktop. PowerPoint 365 has been published as an application accordingly.

When you open PowerPoint it starts normally in maximized mode. However, as soon as you open a file, the application seems to shift a few pixels down and to the right (a small strip of the background image is visible on the left side). This has the consequence that all points (e.g.: to resizing an object) within the application are shifted by these pixels and you never hit them exactly. The window symbol (top right next to the close cross) still shows that this window is maximized.

As soon as you minimize this window once and maximize it again, everything is moved back to the correct position and you can work normally (until you open the next file).
Have you noticed this behavior as well?


Thank you very much for the support and testing!

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Hello all,

could anyone recreate and / or test the behavior?

Hello @Dennis_Schierenbeck 


Did you solve the issue or did it disappear after any update of the client?

I observe the same behavior with different applications.


Thanks in advance.

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