CAD on Windows Virtual Desktop

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Hello everybody,

is there anybody that has a WVD pool for Autodesk CAD users (with GPU enabled VM's of course) ?


What is your experience, suggestions, optimizations?


Thanks to for your kind help.



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Hi, we have a host pool consisting of 12 session hosts that caters for our students using AutoCAD and Autodesk 2021 among other GPU intensive apps. 


Our VM size is:

Standard NV12s v3 (12 vCPUs, 112 GB memory)


At the moment we are using RemoteApp only rather than Desktop presentation. Because of the high running costs of this class of VM we've had to put in place an autoscaler which powers on/off session hosts based on peak times/demand.

Hi @semkaz thanks for your reply. Are those hosts pooled? Do you think remoteapp performs better?

All of the session hosts are configured with Windows 10 multi-session with a limit set on number of users on each session host. We've never really had a chance to compare the desktop and RemoteApp as we've only ever used RemoteApp but after 12 months in operation we've only had positive feedback.
Very interesting, one last question: how many session work on a single host?

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Its a bit of a balancing act I'd use this guide when sizing up your user/VM ratio:

We've set the limit to 20 users on a single VM but with autoscaling we've set autoscaler to power up additional VMs once 15 users are on a VM.