Azure Virtual Desktop Host Pool(s) setup recommendations

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Looking for some opinions / recommendations on reconfiguring our AVD Host Pool to try and give some better performance to users when accessing it.


Currently, we have a single pool of  (14) NV24s_v3 VMs running.   Each VM has over 170 applications installed on it that users can access.  Some of the applications require a GPU and the others do not.  We allow 12 users max per VM as we found that having more than 12 can make the VMs very slow and laggy.  Even with the 12 user limit, we still see issues of CPU maxing out at times depending on what applications are being accessed.  We've seen a couple users on a VM cause the CPU to spike to 100%.  Our disks are 1 TB Premium SSD drives on each VM.   We see disk active times go into the 70-90% consistently with users on the system.


Obviously, we could spin up multiple pools running the best GPU VMs and best non GPU VMs, only allow a couple users per VM and things would run great.  That would be very expensive though, so isnt an option!


Looking for some opinions / recommendations on how to reconfigure things to get better performance, but not break the bank doing it.

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what about profile management? do use fslogix with azure files or netapp?
this can reduce your local vm disk iops