AVD NEW desktop client version 1.0.5555.600 now shows SHUTDOWN status on Pool Host

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Some of our host pools have updated to this newer version of the AVD desktop client, and now when we shutdown these hosts the status now shows "Shutdown" instead of "Unavialable".  Is this expected behavior?   The new version also seemed to stop "Start VM on connect" setting from working.  

I uninstalled the 1.0.5555.600 desktop agent and then reinstalled an older version, then got it to auto update and this seemed to fix this issue.  As far as in the past with autoscale scripts, etc, if the VM was in a shutdown state it would not work.  Is this new "Shutdown" status by design?  Also noticed there is no release notes for this version of the AVD desktop agent. 




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Hi Robert,

I have the same issue I'll try to unistall this version.

@Christian1990 I just removed the newest version. Then stopped the rdbootloader service from task manager then then installed the newest version of the desktop agent I could find for download, it was only 1.0.4x When I uninstalled the 1.0.5555.600 version it made my pool host unavailable until I reinstalled the older version.  I thought it would still work as it keeps 3 versions on at a time for this exact use scenario.  I think the issue is there was new SxS updates also and must do something a bit different then the past.  I hope this helps you. 

@Robert_Hurd I resolved the issue doing these steps:
1- First check that in the host pool that the test environment is unselected.
2- Remove the session host from the host pool and install the boot agent and rdinf agent.

3- Reboot the session host and install rdinf agent and boot agent the version will be 1.0.4x how you said. You can download it from this link HTTPS: //learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/create-host-pools-powershell?tabs=azure-powershell#register-the-virtual-machines-to-the-azure-virtual-desktop-host-pool.

4- check that the session host appears in the host pool.


I suspect that the host pool check how test environment upgrade the agent to the version 1.0.5555.



Yes, seems that validation environments are automatically being upgraded to this new desktop agent. Would still like Microsoft to weigh in if this "shutdown" status is expected behavior?


We're facing the same issue with 'Start VM on connect'. this feature does not work anymore since this week.

Checked Agent version and it also has been updated to '1.0.5555.600'



Same here. "Start VM on Connect" does not work anymore on Hostpools which the agent was updated to version 1.0.5555.600. Also recognized that the VM State now reports "Shutdown" instead of "unavailable". We do have an azure function which shutdowns unused Sessionhosts. Without the start vm on connect feature we cannot use this function to save costs.


Hope this got fixed soon

#1 more for the agent downgrade.  God knows who enabled the Validation environment on the production host pool

The Azure Virtual Desktop Agent Troubleshooting Guide has a decent step by step process for installing the agent.


Tested on another pool, by just taking the validation property off the pool is downgraded automatically.



hi robert, do you mean after you turn off the validation option in the property, the start VM on connect works fine with the new agent version?

No, what I mean, is after you turn off validation the agent will automatically downgrade on the pool hosts. Took overnight for one pool and a morning for the other. Not sure if you need hosts on for the downgrade to occur..


disabling validation downgrades the agent and then it works again, yes.

Hi @Robert_Hur ,


With this agent version the shutdown status did appear more often, and this was intentional. Previously, it was less likely to pop up, but it did exist.


We rolled back this agent version last week, and you should no longer have the Start VM on Connect issue you were seeing before. Going forward, we will release the 'Shutdown' status only as part of new API versions so that nothing in your environment breaks.

We plan to post release notes for new agent versions on Tech Community in the future, so if you would like to stay up to date, subscribe to those threads when you see them. Thanks for your patience and understanding!