IPadOS - Restore single screen use when external display is connected

IPadOS - Restore single screen use when external display is connected



 Sep 08 2023
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Compared to the previous functionality, which provided a real remote desktop experience, this is now completely broken (v10.5.1) if you have an external display connected, where you are forced to use the iPad screen to control the remote session on the external display - which doesn’t even work properly for pointer/mouse devices (eg only touch screen allows you to reach the tiny Start button on the bottom left of a Widows host scaled up to 5k).


The only apparent workaround is to disconnect the external display.


Please either revert or make the new features with issues toggleable in settings, so that either the main iPad screen or the connected display can be used individually, as was the case in versions 10.5.0 and prior.

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Just want to keep on eye on this issue, which i do have too.

I use my iPad to connect to a RD session for cloud apps and the second screen i used to get to my laptop using another Remote app (Splashtop). Unfortunately, now I can’t use both screen for different app. 

Why they do this looking to broke the split screen. 

Please fixed or revert it. 

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+1 this update has wrecked my use of RD client to mirror data on my iPad & external display simultaneously - please fix or revert!

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+ 1 Nearly impossible to use now with the new version.
Microsoft, please revert or bring an update as soon as possible.
I am really in need of a working RDP and I am only allowed to use Microsoft RDP.

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I used to be able to work with multiple apps at the same time along with RD Client on an external monitor now I am unable to. If I open the app on the external monitor it gives me a black screen with nothing but connect to pc. When I open the app on the iPad the app completely takes over the external monitor and I can’t use multiple apps like I was before. This needs to be fixed so we can use the iPad as a multitasking device not a one app device. I can even deal with just having the RD Client on the iPad and use other apps on the external monitor but you can’t do that either. Please fix soon. 

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This is now fixed with v10.5.2 - as painful as the last ~6 weeks were, it does now look amazing at full screen on the studio display :ok_hand:

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Thank you e4ze23 for let us know.

It looks as it should be now. 

Back to work with RDS on multi-monitor. 

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Still same problem.
I'm using OS 17.1 and the latest RD Client 10.5.2, but it only displays on either the iPad or the TV, not both simultaneously

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I am having this problem again on 10.5.6 (5407) and iPadOS 17.5. 

Absolutely impossible to use RD, need to disconnect the external screen first. DISASTER. 

Am I the only one? 


Edit: very inconsistent behaviour - sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t. If it doesn’t, I need to kill the app couple times before it works again :)