iPad support for Smart Card pass-through in RD Client

iPad support for Smart Card pass-through in RD Client



 Oct 14 2023
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I previously replied to an older post (ipad-os-rdp-smart-card-using-function) requesting iPadOS RD Client support for smart card credential pass-through.  The original requested never replied to answer which smart card device they were using on iOS (iPadOS in my case).

I utilize RD Client on my iPad Pro to access my Azure Virtual Desktop work environment but am severely workflow-limited without this smart card pass-through functionality (unable to utilize signing, encryption, and PIV certificates maintained on my smart card).

Multiple smart card devices attempted:

  - Thursby TSS-PK2 (firmware ver > 4.20)

  - Bluetooth 4.2 Smart Card Reader (from twocanoes.com)

  - FEITIAN iR301 Mobile Lightning Reader (from twocanoes.com)

I can successfully use the above smart card devices individually on my iPad Pro (outside of RD Client) with the Safari web browser or integrated Thursby “Sub Rosa” iOS app but this leaves an incomplete workflow without full functionality.


Please consider adding this functionality to your road-map.

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Yes please consider this!

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Ditto! There are a lot of companies who still utilize common access cards and this pass through functionality would greatly enhance RD Client’s usability. 

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Hopping in to say I need this too. RD is nearly useless without it

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Me too…..we need to pass through smart card to windows Remote Host.

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Yes please add PIV pass through. This is absolutely necessary for remote access for my organization. It’s strange and frustrating that non of the Microsoft iOS apps utilize the smart card API.

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Microsoft --- Please make this happen ASAP!

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Confirmed the same thing. Adding one more device to your list.


I confirmed authenticating into RD Client works but pass-through does not work with:



with MoKo USB C Female to Lightning Male (OTG) Adapter connector: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CPHVTXQ9