iPad OS RDP Smart card using function

iPad OS RDP Smart card using function



 Feb 15 2022
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Is it possible to add Smart card using function on iPad OS RDP app?

Thank you!


@mrAlexis ,

Thank you for the feedback! This item is not currently on the roadmap yet, but your feedback has been passed onto the team! We will let you know of any updates


Hi @mrAlexis ,

What smart card device are you using on iOS?

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@js351 I’d like to elevate this request.  I am an AVD user for telework tasking and utilize my iPad more often than my laptop for this.


Problem is that I need to use my smart card within AVD but the iOS RD Client does not support smart card credential pass through.


My physical setup (aside from iPad) is:


 - a USB-C (male) to Lightning (female) adapter (from zaught.com)

 - a Lightning extension cable

 - Thursby TSS-PK2 (firmware ver > 4.20)


 - Bluetooth 4.2 Smart Card Reader (from twocanoes.com)


 - a USB-C (male) to Lightning (female) adapter (from twocanoes.com)

 - a USB-C extension cable (from twocanoes.com)

 - FEITIAN iR301 Mobile Lightning Reader (from twocanoes.com)


I can use each of these devices separately with my iPad and integrate smart card functionality to my iPad with the Safari web browser or Thursby Software “Sub Rosa” app.  My workflow is extremely disjointed when I have to break away from AVD in my iOS RD Client and switch to an app that supports smart card pass-through and re-authenticate each time.

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Replying to this post in hopes someone sees the request to elevate priority.


Many members from my organization are not active enough to know of this site nor familiar enough with the limitations of the current software.  They have stated they would like to see Smart Card credential pass-through with the the iOS RD Client app but don’t know how to elevate this type of request.  If I can generate enough support in that community, I plan to send them here to upvote this request.


My question for this post is: How many votes will it require to elevate the priority to focusing on including smart card credential pass through from known-working smart card readers for iOS?


Thank you.