Maintenance and Operational Cost on Azure Synapse- Clarification

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Can you please help me on below topics.

  • Is it possible to get  cost summary for the past months only for specific schema's used from azure synapse dedicated SQL pool 
  • from Azure price calculator identified that it will cost around $6400/month for 500 DWU's to create a new dedicated SQL pool. Apart from this is there any other cost(storage cost, operational cost, maintenance cost) involved to have new SQL dedicated pool

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Thanks for your questions.

1) Can you clarify more on what you mean by specific schema? I think an example might be helpful of what you are looking for might be helpful in this case :)
2) Yes, there are additional costs for Storage, it is $23 per Tb of data. Depending on the use case, there could be network egress costs involved with data movements. More details here: Some other features that are not enabled by default (like thread detection) can also add additional costs.