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wkt, Once Windows 10 machines are connected to Upgrade Readiness Management Solution. further Windows Telemetry Data is sent from On-prem Windows 10 machines to Azure Cloud. If Windows 10 Machines are not integrated to Azure Cloud(Upgrade Readiness Management Solution). then where Windows Telemetry Data reside in On-prem Windows 10 machine? How we visualize those Telemetry Data in On-prem Windows 10 machine? Kindly advice how it works? how we can export those Telemetry data from On-prem Windows 10 machine

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I've shared your question with the Upgrade Readiness solution owners, and will post their reply as we have it.






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Unfortunately I didn't get an answer. Please try to reach out to the PM of this solution - Rama Shastri at



best response confirmed by Albert Cabello Serrano (Microsoft)

You can see the telemetry data being uploaded from a device by using the Diagnostic Data Viewer tool (  


One other clarification... the telemetry data that gets uploaded from a device is governed by the telemetry level and only the telemetry level.  Whether or not a device is enrolled in Upgrade Readiness has no effect on the data that gets uploaded.  (However, we require devices to be at the Basic or higher telemetry level to be able to use Upgrade Readiness.)  For more information, please visit

There’s no such thing as on prem or local logs to review diagnostic data sent

For Windows 10 1803 and above you can review the diagnostic data on a local machine in real time with the Diagnostic Data viewer tool. This capability is not available to older releases.

@Albert Cabello Serrano Agree Diagnostic Data Viewer tool is the best method to identify the data sent to MS and more. You can perform Troubleshooting and Analysis of Windows Windows 10 and Windows 11 Telemetry Data using Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer
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