VMWare Monitoring Solution Depracated

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Does anyone know when this happened? I hadn't gotten to evaluating it yet and in light of this, I’m thinking that I won’t pursue this functionality. ;) 


The VMware Monitoring solution has been deprecated. Customers who have already installed the solution can continue to use it, but VMware Monitoring can not be added to any new workspaces.



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Hey Samuel.  You're right that the VMware Monitoring solution is currently being deprecated.  We aren't disabling it on existing workspaces, but we've removed it from the Solutions Gallery and Azure Marketplace.


Going forward, we plan to take the existing solution and open source it so that the community can maintain it.    That will enable the solution to stay up to date on new VMware features and provide the views that the community really wants.




Samuel: Blue Medora currently is in the process of launching a Azure Log Analytics based integration for VMware that integrates with vSphere via the vSphere SDK/API. We will preview launch it as a Public Preview at the end of June. Feel free to drop us a line at beta@bluemedora.com if you'd like to participate in the Preview.

Hi @David Irwin,


Any update on open sourcing the VMware Monitoring solution? We would really love to be able to easily show some VMware related metrics in Azure Monitor, and there currently does not seem to be any suitable third party solutions for this. Looking forward to your feedback.




Hi, I know there is a company that provides VMware Related Metrics into Azure Monitor. Blue Medora provides 3rd party solutions for Azure Monitor with BindPlane. @David Irwin