How to Host a Web Site in Azure VM - Complete Video Series




After watching this two (02) videos you will have a better knowledge in hosting a web site in Azure VM. In this video, we discuss about,

  • Creating a VM in Azure
  • Configuring CPanel
  • Configure VM and Security Setting
  • Host a Web Site.


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Simple question I always ask myself: why not get any (!) shared hosting, or VPS and enjoy exactly the same? Or even better as I have no idea about allocated resources of Azure VM and ... well the support is heavily outsourced to East while I can choose hosting provider spec. in US or Europe. I never got an answer to this question - why bother at all?

Hi Oleg,


I 100% agree with you. As a Solutions Architect, I am also recommending to use those features. As an example, we can use Azure App Service instead of VM.  When we have a VM, maintenance will be our responsibility.  But it is different when we use shared or dedicated environment like Azure App services. You can start it as a shared and you can upgrade it to dedicated resources at any given time. Further beauty of this environment is you can upgrade this service when it is required and you can downgrade it. But you will get charge for the resources what you have utilized during that period.


In next version i am planning to release, how we can use Azure App Services. if you need to know how to utilize this before to that please let me know.


Hope that you gain something form it.


Best Regards,