Azure VMware Solution Landing Zone Review Assessment
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Azure VMware Solution is a service provided by Microsoft that allows you to run your VMware workloads natively on Azure. It enables seamless migration of VMware-based workloads from your datacenter to Azure. You can manage your existing environments with the same VMware tools you already know, while modernizing your applications with Azure native services. The solution is verified by VMware and runs on Azure infrastructure. It offers scale, automation, and fast provisioning for your VMware workloads on global Azure infrastructure.


Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

Some organizations may face challenges such as high costs, excessive resource usage, lack of reuse, redundancy of solutions, and absence of clear strategy as they start their cloud adoption journey. The Azure Cloud Adoption Framework provides proven guidance, best practices, and tools to help organizations align their business and technical strategies, accelerating their cloud adoption journey.


Azure VMware Solution adoption scenario is a part of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, guiding organizations through their Azure VMware Solution adoption journey. It provides options for migrating VMware resources from on-premises datacenters to a dedicated cloud environment on Azure. This enhances simplicity, ensures seamless business continuity, and accelerates the migration process. Azure VMware Solution enables you to adopt cloud technology at a pace that matches your organization's requirements, adding cloud services incrementally as your business evolves. It provides a consistent experience to customers with existing on-premises VMware vSphere environments.


The Azure VMware Solution landing zone accelerator is a part of Azure VMware Solution adoption scenario. It is an open-source collection of Azure Resource Manager, Bicep and Terraform templates. It provides a strategic design path and target technical state for an Azure VMware Solution deployment. The accelerator prepares Azure landing zone subscriptions for a scalable Azure VMware Solution. It adheres to the architecture and best practices of the Cloud Adoption Framework's Azure landing zones, focusing on enterprise-scale design principles. The accelerator provides a reference implementation for a scalable Azure VMware Solution in your landing zone.


Microsoft Assessment

Microsoft Assessments is a free, online platform that helps customers evaluate their business strategies and workloads. It provides curated guidance from Microsoft to improve their posture in Azure. The platform offers interactive questionnaires addressing a wide array of operational and technical needs. By completing a customized survey, users receive a tailored evaluation of their organization's current strategies and processes. The platform also provides specific guidance to help users achieve their goals.


Azure VMware Solution Landing Zone Review Assessment

The Azure VMware Solution Landing Zone Review Assessment is a part of the Microsoft Assessments platform that guides customers through environment readiness for cloud adoption. It outlines key considerations and changes necessary to prepare your environments for an Azure VMware Solution. The review includes best practices for resource organization, Entra ID usage, network topology, management and monitoring, business continuity, HCX and governance. It also provides a detailed understanding of the Azure VMware Solution platform. This assessment helps in planning the migration to Azure VMware Solution with a comprehensive evaluation across key design areas.


The assessment provides one of the following 3 qualitative scores for the architecture under review.


1. Critical
2. Moderate
3. Excellent




Each of the following design areas are also assessed and are provided a qualitative score.

1. Identity
2. Networking
3. Security, governance, and compliance
4. Management and monitoring
5. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
6. Automation
7. HCX


Assessment provides over 40+ actionable recommendations to improve the score.




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As organizations start the Ready phase of Cloud Adoption Framework, they should take advantage of The Azure VMware Solution Landing Zone Review Assessment. By embracing the Azure VMware Solution Landing Zone Review Assessment, organizations can confidently adopt Azure VMware Solution, paving the way for a seamless modernization of their VMware infrastructure.

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