Azure Visual Studio Team Services and how change the ownership of a Teamproject

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Hello everybody,


our company is currently creating a proof of concept, where we are just stumbling about a question that is currently unclear.


Here is the scenario:

1. We have an administrator who sets up a Teamproject in Azure (VSTS).
2. He adds various admins, developers, product owner, scrum master, etc.
3. The software developers upload code to source code management (GIT) in Azure.
4. The admin who created the Teamprojekt leaves the company.
5. Software Assurance is withdrawn from the new Admin.


Question: What happens with the Teamproject, the sources, the planning, etc. in such a situation? Is everything lost or is it possible to migrate the "TFS" teamproject to another user?



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Are we talking the online version.


Regardless you should use assign permissions to Groups defined in your directory.


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Hi Kent,

yes I'm in a proof of concept for the online version of TFS (VSTS). Your solution sounds good to me ans solves my problem, I guess. Thank you!

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you can intergrate your VSTS with you Azure AD.

You will be glad you did, but you will have an issue with licenses currently activated on live accounts