Hardware support change with GPU labs that use lab accounts
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Azure Datacenters regularly refresh hardware to ensure the highest quality offerings are available. An upcoming hardware change will impact specific lab account-based GPU SKUs. This is due to the Azure virtual machine families (NV and NC) that back these specific virtual machines sizes being deprecated.


If you have labs using a lab account created before February 22, 2024 with one of these virtual machine sizes:

  • Small GPU (Compute)
  • Small GPU (Visualization)
  • Medium GPU (Visualization)

Please finish using your current lab setup by July 15, 2024, to avoid any issues. If you need to use labs with these specific virtual machine sizes after that date, then you'll have to set up a new lab which will have the latest hardware.


If you choose to continue labs with older hardware, you may receive an allocation error similar to:

"Unable to start due to Allocation failed. We do not have sufficient capacity for the requested VM size in this region."


Lab Account GPU SKU Q&A


  • Which specific GPU SKUs are impacted?
    • Lab account-based labs created before February 22, 2024 using:
      • Small GPU (Visualization)
      • Medium GPU (Visualization)
      • Small GPU (Compute)) 
  • How long will I have to transition?
    • Until July 15, 2024
  • Which is recommended?
    • For Lab Accounts, create a new lab before July 15, 2024.  You do not need to move to using Lab Plans.
  • Are there any cost differences?
    • No, costs will remain the same.
  • Is performance different?
    • Yes, performance should be better for all SKUs involved.
  • Are labs with lab plan impacted?
    • No, they are not.

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