Announcing Public Preview of Resource Management and Health Resources Event Grid System Topics
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A System Topic in Event Grid represents one or more events published by Azure services. Azure Resource Notifications (ARN) service collects data from various publishers and makes them available via event grid system topics. 


What is Azure Resource Notifications (ARN)?


ARN is a highly scalable, high-performance, and low-latency publisher-subscriber event streaming service designed for the entire Azure ecosystem. ARN enhances its system topics with the following features:


  • Comprehensive payload that reduces the need for additional GET calls on Resource Providers (RPs), as the payloads are directly included in the notification.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities applied to payload properties guarantee only notifications relevant to customer scenarios are emitted thus eliminating noise.  
  • Robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities, where subscribers need specific permissions for creating a topic and creating event subscriptions on the topic. It is assumed that subscribers have read access over the entire subscription in order to consume the notifications.
  • Operates at the Azure subscription scope, meaning the system topic receives notifications for all relevant resources across a given Azure subscription. For further information on ARN please refer here


What is Health Resources system topic on Azure Event Grid?


Health Resources system topic provides accurate, reliable, and comprehensive health information, enabling deeper understanding of the diverse service issues impacting your Azure resources namely, single instance virtual machines (VMs), Virtual Machine Scale Set VMs, and Virtual Machine Scale Sets. Health Resources offers two event types for consumption: AvailabilityStatusChanged and ResourceAnnotated. Refer here for further reading on Health Resources system topic.

How to subscribe?


  1. Ensure you have the required RBAC access before subscribing.
  2. Follow the steps outlined here


What is Resource Management system topic on Azure Event Grid?


Resource Management system topic provides insights into the life cycle of various Azure resources. Customers can subscribe to the existing Event Grid system topics - Azure subscriptions and Azure Resource Groups to be notified of life cycle changes to resources. However, it is worth noting that these do not include the resource payloads. In contrast, Azure Resource Management events come with comprehensive payload information, making it easier for customers to apply filtering and refine their notification stream.


This feature supports two event types, specifically CreatedOrUpdated (corresponding to ResourceWriteSuccess in the Event Grid Azure subscription system topic), and Deleted (corresponding to ResourceDeleteSuccess in the Event Grid Azure subscription system topic). Refer here for further reading on Resource Management system topic.


How to subscribe?


  1. Ensure you have the required RBAC access before subscribing.
  2. Follow the steps outlined here



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