New Mainframe Rehosting articles on Microsoft Docs!
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On 3/13/19, we mentioned that we now have a Mainframe Rehosting section on Microsoft Docs! Also on 2/19/19, we announced our Mainframe Migration articles on the Azure Architecture Center's Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. 


Now, we're back to talk (write) about our brand-newest Mainframe Rehosting articles on Microsoft Docs!




Updated Get Started article: First up is our updates to our Get Started article. We have new sections about:

  • Mainframe migration - A quick explanation and link to the Mainframe Migration guide in Azure CAF. 
  • Micro Focus rehosting platform - We now include a link to our new Docker Container article.
  • TmaxSoft OpenFrame on Azure - With a new section in Mainframe Rehosting, we explain the two new articles.
  • Considerations - This section gives a high-level tour of considerations to keep in mind for Compute, High availability and failover, Scalability, Storage, and Backup & Recovery. These link out to various articles, including the new Concepts section in Mainframe Rehosting. 

New Concepts section: Next up, we have two new articles in a new Concepts section:

  • Compute - Mainframes have a reputation for high reliability and availability and continue to be the trusted backbone of many enterprises. They're often thought to have nearly limitless scalability and computing power as well. However, some enterprises have outgrown the capability of the largest available mainframes. If this sounds like you, Azure offers agility, reach, and infrastructure savings.
  • Storage - To run mainframe workloads on Microsoft Azure, you need to know how your mainframe’s capabilities compare to Azure. The massively scalable storage resources can help organizations begin to modernize without abandoning the applications they rely on.

New Micro Focus article: Next, we now have a new article in the Micro Focus section:

  • Enterprise Server in containersYou can run Micro Focus Enterprise Server 4.0 in a Docker container on Azure. This tutorial shows you how. It uses the Windows CICS (Customer Information Control System) acctdemo demonstration for Enterprise Server.

New TmaxSoft OpenFrame section: Previously, we had a TmaxSoft OpenFrame whitepaper. Well, now we've built out the content on Docs:

  • Get StartedTake your existing mainframe assets and move them to Microsoft Azure using TmaxSoft OpenFrame. This popular rehosting solution creates an emulation environment on Azure, enabling you to quickly migrate applications. No reformatting is required.
  • Install OpenFrameLearn how to set up an OpenFrame environment on Azure suitable for development, demos, testing, or production workloads. This tutorial walks you through each step.

New Resources section: Finally, we have a new Resources section:

  • WhitepapersGet resources about mainframe migration, rehosting, and moving IBM Z-based systems to Microsoft Azure.
  • Azure roadmap - We now include a link in our TOC to the Azure Updates resources, which help you understand what's coming and when it's coming.




The updated TOC includes the following topics:


Mainframe rehosting



AzureCAT Guidance  
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