Lesson Learned #386: Can I log when Query Data Store (QDS) fails to capture a query?
Published Jun 28 2023 02:46 PM 1,877 Views

In a recent service request, a customer asked if there was a way to identify when QDS fails to capture a query due to various reasons, such as high workload. Here's what I learned from this experience.


The customer reported that they have the capture mode setting as "ALL," but it appears that some queries are not being captured.


In this situation, I suggested using an Extended Event that could capture an event when there is a failure in saving the data. Upon inspecting the objects (sys.dm_xe_objects) and filtering by '%query_store', I came across some very interesting events that could help in collecting the necessary data.


By running the query select * from sys.dm_xe_objects where name like '%query_store%', I discovered several intriguing events to work with. Here's an example of an Extended Event session that captures the event when a query fails to be captured in the Query Data Store:




ADD EVENT sqlserver.query_store_failed_to_capture_query(


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