Introducing Advanced KQL Free Online Course
Published Jul 20 2020 04:51 AM 6,132 Views

We are pleased to present yet another free online course Azure Data Explorer - Advanced KQL. Whether you are a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Marketing person, Developer or just love data and addicted to ADX, this course is for you. It shall expose you to advanced techniques for performing various kind of data analysis using KQL:

  • Usage analytics: users' activity, MAU, DAU, retention, churning etc.
  • Geographic capabilities: geo hashing, s2 cells, geo distance, geo fencing, geospatial joins and more
  • Diagnosis and Root Cause Analysis: investigate anomalies in your data using built in ML plugins
  • Time Series Analysis: scalable analysis, both in time and frequency domains, including regressions, automatic seasonality detection, filtering, anomaly detection and forecasting
  • Extensibility using inline Python / R: leverage these huge data science eco systems for any kind of data analysis algorithm, such as ML, AI, statistical tests, graphs, sequence mining and more

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Geographic Analysis Module: Storm events by type in the polygon of California



Time Series Analysis II: Forecasting of web app. traffic of next week for multiple time series


To learn the full broad view of ADX advanced capabilities you can take the full course, at your own pace. However, each module is a stand alone unit, so you can just cherry pick the modules you like based on your needs.


Enjoy, and don't forget to share your feedback!

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