Approve Admin Consent Requests

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Hello Community,

Is there a way we can automate the admin consent requests via PowerShell or any other means for particular app and only to users who requests without doing consent for entire tenant?

OR a Custom RBAC role would work too, but we don't want to give Global Administrator or any other administrator role to the group who review these applications and approve the requests.



user1 submitted admin consent request for app1 and group1 (IT) received email notification about this request, once group1 review the application (they will have global reader role) I am looking to provide very limited access to them so that they can approve it only. OR automate this approval process using PowerShell, once group1 reviews the application they will run a script which is authenticating via service account (global administrator) so requests gets approved without giving any administrator role to group1 members.


Any suggestions or ideas how to achieve this?

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