Function app deployment from Azure DevOps never complete
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When using zip deploy way to deploy to function app from Azure DevOps, the new deployment never complete at DevOps side until manually cancel it.






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1. Enable debug log at DevOps side and then check if there are many requests to "/api/deployments/latest" with 202, if yes, continue. 
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2. Check under "LogFiles/kudu/trace" in kudu portal, find log with name like below at the same time range for current deployment. If many logs show the deployment is pending at same deployment id, then continue. 

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3. Go to "site/deployments" in kudu portal to find the folder whose name is same as the deployment id, then check status.xml or status_complete.xml and log.log inside the folder. If status in status.xml or status_complete.xml is not Success or Failed, then we can try to resolve the issue by removing this folder under "site/deployments".
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4. Check the log with name like below under "LogFiles/kudu/trace" at the same time for the non-completed deployment task to get more details of the cause why the deployment at that time was not completed.
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