Can we use Maui.Essentials without Maui UI framework?

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Previously Xamarin.Essencials was an independed library that could be used with non-XamarinForms applications.

Currently this library was rebranded into Maui.Essentials. Which raises a question, if this library become a part of Maui framework with hard dependency on it, or if it still can be used without this GUI framework.

I don't see any references to the Maui framework at the moment except Microsoft.Maui.Graphics. Still, I want to see official confirmation stated somewhere.


Use cases:

1. We want to be able to build Avalonia applications and use helpers from Maui.Essentials without referencing whole Maui framework.

2. Same about Uno Platform. It should be possible to use it with Maui.Essentials without Maui framework.

3. I also can imagine applications that are built with "net6-ios/android" targets with native UIs without "Forms" from MAUI. These applications will benefit from Maui.Essentials without unnecessary dependency from Maui framework.



Max Katsydan.

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yes! you can add the following in your csproj:

Any chance someone can update the documentation? This was extremely hard to find. When looking online everything states the property is UsingMauiEssentials (not Use) including your blog.
Overall the documentation for migrating Xamarin Native apps to .NET6 is really lacking. All the documentation is MAUI related. We got through it but with a lot of headache.