Retrieving errors from a Virtual Machine

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Recently I have been trying to retrieve the most common errors from a Virtual Machine.


I understand that this will need to use the analytic logs and KQL however I am not how to create this.


When running the script below, it unfortunately does not return any results:


// Reported errors 
// Show error events from the last hour. 
// To create an alert for this query, click '+ New alert rule'
union Event, Syslog // Event table stores Windows event records, Syslog stores Linux records
| where TimeGenerated > ago(1h)
| where EventLevelName == "Error" // EventLevelName is used in the Event (Windows) records
or SeverityLevel== "err" // SeverityLevel is used in Syslog (Linux) records



Any help would be appreciated.

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@AidenBrennanCan you confirm how you enabled your Log Analytics WP? to collect the data of your vm's?


Home > analytics wp > advanced settings > data > windows event logs > select "system, setup" as per event logs tables/ columns in Windows Event Viewer.
Refer to the attached images.
Screenshot from 2020-11-19 18-30-28.png


When you run the query after the logs have been ingested into your analytics wp then you should be able to see the results.