Azure Synapse dedicated SQL pool vs. Azure SQL vs SQL

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currently we operate on-premises PostgreSQL DB that we use as our data warehouse.


I would like to set up a data warehouse in Azure, but the Azure portal is bit confusing, as there are multiple options:

1) in Azure Synapse, there is dedicated SQL pool (formerly labeled as Azure Data Warehouse)

Then, outside Azure Synapse there are two additional options:

2)  Azure SQL database ( /BrowseResource/resourceType/Microsoft.Sql%2Fazuresql ) and

3) "SQL database"   (/BrowseResource/resourceType/Microsoft.Sql%2Fservers%2Fdatabases)

describes that Azure SQL (#2 above) uses symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) while "Azure Synapse Analytics" (#1) above uses massively parallel processing (MPP).

My data needs are not so vast to utilize the MPP. Thus it seems I should be considering #2, i.e. outside the Synapse Analytics.


Azure SQL (#2) above further branches into "Single Database", "Elastic pool" and "Single instance managed DB".


I am guessing that for my scenario, "Azure SQL - Single Database" is the best option.

If I choose this, will I be able to use this storage in Azure Synapse Analytics?


Furthermore, to use Azure Data Factory (ADF) - if I set up "Azure SQL - Single Database", should I be aiming to use Data Factory within Azure Synapse Analytics, or outside it (i.e. use ADF in Azure portal)?




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You're right Azure SQL database is well suited for small needs . However i would suggest to see the comparison below to have better visibility

Have you tried to estimate how much cost ASA with the least compute nodes /DWU ? 
Azure Synapse analytics uses Azure storage to store data so No you cannot use another service for storage purpose .
You will be able to use both in Azure Data Factory .
You can find the supported linked services types here ;