Multi-language support

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What are the plans for multi-language support? I mean real multi-language with integrated translation service, which can generate proposals, which can be manually corrected and then published.

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There are two ways you can approach this. In Composer you can have a per language version of your bot's dialogs, but do all the application development in a developer's native language.

This could look something like the developer designs the bot in her native language, and then provides the translation resources to a translation team who would port the design to the other languages, each with their own LG and LU content. This allows you to carefully construct bot flows that are relevant to a particular culture.

Alternatively, you can also leverage our translation service and its bot sample for a bot that will translate from a users language to your bot's language on the fly:

This translation model can be monitored and trained based on customer usage:
The full list of supported language from this service is here:
Hi @peterswimm

I want to integrate language translator service as a part of my bot development with Bot Framework Composer instead of directly doing it from C#. Do you have any tutorials or samples to do this?

@SuryaNarayanaKorivipadu None come to mind, but you'll want to create a middleware that does the on the fly translation