Cognative reading of barcodes

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How would I set about reading bar code symbology?

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Hi @paul. Can you tell me more about what you want to do with the barcodes? For example, do you want to let a user scan a barcode and do a visual search to find a barcode that has been indexed that matches it? Or are you looking to extract the number associated with the barcode and let people type in the associated number to search and find this barcode?
Currently our production equipment scans bar codes in order to lookup particulars related to the item scanned. This scan is performed by a user - I want this to be automatically read from a camera and processed thus removing the need for an operator on the production line.
I believe the best way to do this would be to map the barcode that is in the search index into some textual value. For example, I believe that any barcode has a number associated with it. That is what I would store in the search index, rather than the image of the barcode. That way whenever the production like camera scans a barcode, this would be mapped to a barcode number and subsequently searched in cognitive search. You may know this already, but the Cognitive Services Vision API's ( would likely help a lot with the mapping of these barcodes to the associated values.

@liamca-msft how can we read data of barcode (result of barcode scan) present in a document ?