Best Practice to automatically reject email to invalid recipient?

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On a domain I manage, I keep on getting non-delivery messages for an email address which does not exist.  These emails are automatically coming from Facebook (which may or may not pay attention to bounce messages) because someone inexplicably used an email address on the domain even though they have zero affiliation with the company.


What's the best way to channel any email to this email address to the bit bucket without having to create the address just to avoid the non-delivery messages to me (the admin)?


ps , I've tried to search for a solution but because of the nature of the request ( common keywords) I can't find what I'm looking for - hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction.


Thank you

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You can start by telling us which email system you are using. Exchange will not "catch" such messages by default, so if this is happening with your Office 365 tenant, you have some "catch all" rule set up, or something improperly configured.


The 5.1.4 Hop count exceeded issue is due to possible mail loop, you have to reconfigure the domain as authoritative or fix your connectors. Read here: