Unable to edit list items for dropdowns in Access

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I created a table with many fields in Design View with data type Short Text. Even though I wanted dropdowns, I did not like going through the Lookup Wizard for every item and figured I would go back and do that later. However, when I go into design view and change the data type to Lookup Wizard, in Datasheet View I cannot edit the list items. 


While I know that I can add the items I want in the dropdown within the Lookup Wizard, the issue with this is that there is a 50 character limit, while editing the list item seemingly has no character limit or a much larger one. For a little while, it seems as if the Edit List Items button was appearing for my converted fields, but now it does not appear for many of them. The best way I have found so far to recover the ability to Edit List Items is to create a new field with a name close to the original field, and then delete the original field, but this is problematic as it kicks me back out to the left hand side of the form. 

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First, few experienced developers ever incorporate Lookup Fields in tables. When I read stories like this--relating problems in attempting to use them--it confirms the wisdom of that decision NOT to get trapped by them.


Replace them with standard foreign key fields and forego the extra work and frustration.