SQL and Query Prediction

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Hi everyone I am a student currently working on a project that requires Microsoft access and SQL server.


I am stuck at one problem which is how do I extract data out from an SQL server to be located in my Microsoft access data source? And is there a way to create prediction queries?

Plz assist hehe thank you!

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Wouldn't it be more productive to consult with the instructor of the course you are taking? Don't you have study materials for this project from that course? Don't those materials explain what you need to do?
There are lots of ways to move data between data sources. I would probably start with linked tables from the Access accdb to the SQL Server database. But there may be another method you are supposed to implement for that course you are taking. Back to the study materials.....


I have no idea what "prediction queries" might be, other than the general concept that a prediction is a guess about future conditions or events based on reviewing previous history of those conditions or events. So, that's the general idea. Write a query that uses existing data and somehow use it to project what might happen down the road. That, of course, is wholly dependent on what your project is based on, what kind of prediction you are expected to make, and what assumptions (or guesses) that prediction must account for as well. 

Good luck.