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Hello All,


I have a sheet that lists and ranks various data. Then I average those ranked points into a final rank which low score is the best. The data and order changes pretty consistently and the sheet and all of the overall formulas work well. However, I was wondering for (organizational purposes) could I replicate that list but it would put those main data final ranked topics in order from 1-12 Separately? Where the 1-12 list would stay the same but the topic would fall into their appropriate ranked order that week.

I tried to google it but didn't have much luck. Perhaps I don't know what it is correctly called?  Thank you in advance!

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@coachzach_ It might be more productive to post this Excel question in the Excel forum instead of here, in the Access forum, which is dedicated to support for the Microsoft Access Relational Database development application. Both are, of course, part of the MS Office suite of applications.

@George Hepworth my bad i thought i did