Report formatting - Rectangle doesnt grow with fields

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I have a report.

text boxes are set to can grow = yes

I also have a drawn rectangle that boxes around all the fields in the detail section.



the rectangle doesnt grow when the Beneficiary field grows.  Note that the any one of the fields could grow too and not only the beneficiary field. 


How can I force the rectangle to grow in synch when fields do as well?  

Not sure if there is a setting for this.  


below is a screen shot of the issue I am having:

Notice the horizontal line near the IBAN field







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I don't think the rectangle is going to react to the content of a different control. What I think you are seeing, therefore, is expected behavior. The alternative is going to be writing VBA for the On Format event of the report section to calculate how tall the rectangle will need to be and adjust it.


Either that or replace the rectangle with a horizontal line below the last control in this section to mimic the look of the rectangle. 





Here's a KB article in the web archive that explains how to program this for lines.


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without any Coding you can use the "Gridline Style" of the textbox.

change them from Transparent to Solid.

you may need to choose the Color of the Gridline also.

@Karl Donaubauer 

Hi Karl,


thank you for the response.  I looked at the code and I was able to replicate but it only draws 1 line to the far right.  Do you know how to draw the second line for the left side of the rectangle?