property sheet does not show

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In design view of a form or report, the property sheet does not show

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What additional steps have you taken to make it appear?

Remember, we can't see your computer or the accdb in question, so the only information we have is what you provide.


For example, did you select the Property Sheet icon on the ribbon? 

Is the property sheet opening, but off to one side of the screen where you can't see it?



Dear George

Thanks for your answer.
I tried a repair of Office 365 ... no success
I tried also a restore point before last update of Office in august 14th ... no success
As you suggest, I selected the Property Sheet icon on the ribbon ... nothing happens
I tried to search if the property sheet opens in one side of the screen ... I could not find it ... may be you can suggest a procedure for that.
Thanks again for your help


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I suspect the problem really is that the property sheet is opening in an "off-screen" position, based on the steps taken. That's the only one that seems logical.


How many monitors do you use? Was the accdb opened on a different computer with a second monitor?

Access remembers the last position and would try to open the property sheet there. If that position were on a second monitor that is no longer available, this could happen.


Here's an older discussion of similar problems. And a similar discussion. Perhaps some of the suggestions made can prompt an idea for you.

Dear George

PROBLEM SOLVED ... with your very good support
I connected a second monitor 4K and found the "off-screen" property sheet, according with your message.
Thanks A LOT, again, for your help

Been there. Done that.

I'm happy you figured out the solution.