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I have recently updated my Windows and along with that my Office got updated. Ever since then every time I open my MS access file, it creates a new file and saves it. So this means if I open a particular MS access file 10 times, it will create 10 duplicates of that file. 

For example I have a file named 'Inventory Database'. When I open that file it opens as 'Inventory Database1" and saves in my system like that. The when I open 'Inventory Database1' it opens as 'Inventory Database11' and saves in my system like that. Again when I open 'Inventory Database11' it opens as 'Inventory Database111' and saves like that. So now I have 4 files in my system ie. 'Inventory Database', 'Inventory Database1', 'Inventory Database11', 'Inventory Database111'.

Also every time I open my file it gives me a security warning 'Some active content has been disabled. Click for more details'. 

Moreover if I have one access open and I try to open another file, the second file overrides the first one. Meaning that I am unable to open 2 access files at the same time.


All of this has happened since I updated my Windows.


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@rg_9128 Try compacting and repairing the database.  Also try clicking on the Enable option to trust this database, or add the directory that this database is in, to your Trusted Locations (from File - Options - Trust Center - Trust Center Settings - Trusted Locations.  Note that if your file location is on a Network you may need to check the Allow Trusted Locations on my network box first (before adding your location)